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Jeans Wanted



Jeans Wanted

Back in the Late 80's, there was a style of jeans that was popular with the "Stoner" or "Rocker" girls of the day. These jeans were probably some of the sexiest jeans of thier day. They had a zipper that started in the front and zipper around the crotch and ended in the back (see photos).But, as all fashion does, these style of jeans died out sometime in the late 80's, much to the chagrin of lots of guys.

But, we are sure... buried deep in someones closet (Maybe Yours?), they have a pristine pair of these jeans, in great condition, but collecting dust. We Want Those Jeans The three manufacturers that I know made zip around jeans were, Rag City Blues, Chemin De Fer, and Fredericks of Hollywood. Do you have a pair of any of these jeans? Rag City Blues made not only denim versions of these, but also Corduruy! So We are looking for ANY and ALL of this style, by any manufacturer. We know they are out there!
We are looking for more photo's for this website, both old photo's from the 80's as well as more recent photo's. One photo that we desperately need is of a girl wearing a pair of Rag City Blues, from the 80's, and she has 2 different colors on each half. What girls would do, was either buy two pairs of the same size, and then combine the different colors to say have one side be white, and the other side black, or they would have a friend who was the same size as they were, and they would trade half's of the jeans, so they would both have 2 tone jeans. It would be easier to show this to you, but alas, no one has come forward yet with these photos. I KNOW they have to be out there somewhere. We just need to get the word out. The point behind this is not only to document this fashion trend, but also to defeat a bogus patent that was awarded a fashion designer who "invented" (in much the same way that Al Gore invented the internet?). Yes, you CAN get a patent on a fashion style, although it is very rare, since the fashion industry tends to steal each others designs all the time. Anyway, the company did not file for this patent until the late 90's or early 00's, which would have been at least 15 years AFTER the first girl(s) invented this style with 2 pairs of Rag City Blues. So PLEASE help us set history straight with prior artwork! You can send photos to pics *)at(! tightjeans.com.
If you have any information or questions regarding the patent in question, please email us at info *)at(! tightjeans.com

Please note that we us a "challenge" based email filter that will send you a mail back that you need to respond to, before it will allow your mail to get to our inbox.

We are looking for models in the San Francisco Bay Area who are a size 6 and would be interested in modeling these jeans for this website. If you are interested please email us at the address below. If you do have a pair of these, know someone that does, or have photos of a girl wearing these jeans, please drop us an e-mail, we would very much like to arrange getting them to put on the website.

pics *)at(! tightjeans.com