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Does anyone out there remember RagCity Blues?

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They were a clothing manufacturer in the early/mid 80s that made women's slut wear (no offense). Their most famous product was a pair of zip-around jeans. They also had tie-up jeans and button-up jeans.

But, oh yeah, those zip-arounds. Painted-on-tight jeans that fastened via a zipper that went from the top of the back of the pants all the way around under the crotch to the front. Yeah baby, yeah. Personally, I wonder how many women got a little somethin' somethin' caught in that zipper considering how tight they were supposed to be worn. Ouch. Big time.

All the hot stoner chicks with feathered hair, cut-off Motley Crue T-shirts and wasted boyfriends destined for careers in carpet cleaning or extermination or the road crew wore those jeans to school. Ohgoodgod those jeans tormented my pubescent mind and fueled more than one lurid adolescent fantasy.

Those jeans were a menace I tell you. I used to sit in Freshman English and just drool on my desk at the sight of my friend Rebecca wrapped tight in those jeans. They were a menace to her too. Midway through a presentation the zipper broke. She wore those jeans so tight they cut off her circulation - though they did wonders for mine. When that zipper failed the jeans split at the crotch at damn near the speed of sound , and a fatally embarrassed Rebecca bolted for the door almost as quickly, a pant leg in each hand.

With the sudden death of glam rock and the advent of ghetto hip and Silver Tabs the brand quickly faded into obscurity. But no one I know in California has heard of this product. Was this brand a phenomenon only in the Camaro culture of the country's midsection? Were the coasts just too hip for jeans that zip around the crotch? I can't see how. The epicenter of the whole glam rock universe was Hollywood. Does anyone remember those jeans? And if you still have a pair, come clean and admit it.

**** So I would have to tell this guy that, ohhh yeah, big time we had those jeans in California. Lots and lots of girls wore them out here, and drove boys and men to distraction. I have to wonder what would happen if a girl wore those to her high school now?